Show word count in the Status Bar

Hello everyone!

I just started using OnlyOffice on my Linux laptop.

I found that the word count is showing only in the File>Document info

When I search for a solution online, I found that the feature to display word count in the status bar is still missing and the company is not willing to implement it even many people request it for:

The topic was created on 15 Jan 2019 with 57 comments.

This is a very important feature for the people who write for specific word counts.

Any hope?


Hi Akhil,
You can try this plugin:

The plugin does the same functionality which onlyoffice already have! I’m talking about displaying word count on status bar.

I hope you have checked the github discussion!

I can’t provide any information newer than there is on Github. There are no specific dates of when this feature is going to be added because there are features with higher priority to implement.

March 2022 and still no decent word counter. Ugh. The plugin only works in Chrome, the built-in function just reports total word count for the whole document in document properties, no status bar count… We got a paid enterprise subscription to try this out for academic/scientific use, but it just is not great for that purpose (besides the lack of a decent word counter, the Zotero and Mendeley plugins do not have real Zotero or Mendeley functionality; without track changes on the version control preview shows only what others have added and not what they have deleted; and true compatibility with Word is limited as total document length is always different when saving as a Word document).