Sheets: Conditional formatting using formulas

I have two columns, A1:A10 with a boolean 0/1, and B1:B10 with a value. I am trying to set up conditional formatting so that a style is applied to the cells in B if the corresponding cell in A is “1”. I cannot figure out how to do this. In Libreoffice, I just define “A1=1” as the condition, and apply the formatting rules to B1:B10 and it somehow magically does what I want. But this does not work in OnlyOffice.

Any clues?


Hello @madduck
I hope I understood the desired scenario right. I achieved it using ‘formula’ as a rule with =$A1=1 value. The video file with the test is attached to this post.
Please clarify if I misunderstood the request.

This now works. Previously, when I tried exactly this, it would yield ="$A1=1" i.e. it would quote the expression. Don’t know what has changed, but thanks for your help!

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You are welcome!
Please feel free to post if you face any difficulties.