Shapes associated macro, to react on shape clicked


I’d like to have a simple shape to be used to increment a cell. But since I’d like to use several of them for different cells, I wonder if there is a way to have only one Macro. To do so, I guess I would need to know which shape triggered the Macro. I couldn’t find a way to know that (something like an event parameter passed along with the triggering, or the ability to get triggered shape coordinates…)
Any idea?

Hi @bzbzh,
I’m afraid there is no such event. The only event supported by the spreadsheet API is this: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - onWorksheetChange

Thanks for your answer.

In other words, if I have one button per line (to act on this line) I have to have as many different macros as buttons?

Exactly. One shape can only be assigned to one macro.