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SetSort macro makes crashing the page

Hi, first, i’m French, excuse me for my poor english… I’ll try to keep it simple

I’m trying to create a macro which is able to sort a table
In the documentation, there is no example of a similar macro available
Again in the documentation, the method exist : SetSort

So i tried to write this :

var oWorksheet = Api.GetActiveSheet();
var oRange = oWorksheet.GetRange(“A1:A24”);

The system well executes the macro, but is crashing immediately after

Can anyone helps me ? Is a probleme in the parameters of the method SetSort ?


Hello @Bertrand
I have checked described scenario on Document server v.7.2 and Desktop Editors v.7.2. All things look OK: Monosnap
Please clarify version of your product or provide us with details if I misunderstood your request.

Hi, thanks a lot for responding
Here the screen of the information page

I tried again, the problem still being : Monosnap
It would be great if it would work :pray:

Thks again

Hello @Bertrand
As far as I see, you use v.7.1.1. Could you please update your app and re-check the situation?