Separate Installer for PDF Editor Only

Hi everyone,

Here’s a suggestion for the installers for Docs Editors.
It would be a good idea think to have a separate installer containing only the PDF Editor.
This is a major requirement in every environment I’ve seen but could also replace Adobe Reader easily that way if the users find it quickly.

Since it is lighter than other suites, this can become a major tool for enterprise to try and have on their machine free of charge that could lead them to try out the rest of the office suite afterward I think.

  • Sean

Hello @TotallyNotHax
This is interesting thought. We need some time for internal discussion. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hello @TotallyNotHax
Sorry, we have checked this suggestion, but it seems impossible. There’re a lot of codependent resources in the installation, so separating PDF editor will save only a several tens of mb of user’s free space on a drive. Unfortunately this doesn’t make sense.
Sorry for the inconvenience.