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Hi all.

Using Onlyoffice desktop editors v8. There is “send” plugin which I can’t enable because it says there is no default mail client. In fact I have one: Mailbird. I search for send plugin manual and encounter another interesting thing. In the search engine search results, I can see that there is an app page for send plugin on Onlyoffice web site:

Of which the link is as it seems:
As you see from the screenshot, there is a page like this with a legit and corresponding content. But when I click this link, I see a 404 message.

From the part I can read in search engine results, it looks like Onlyoffice desktop editor recognizes only Outlook and Thunderbird as mail clients and won’t work if you don’t have either one. Is that right or is there a way to use another client with this plugin?

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Hi @TurabG


The Send plugin allows you to easily send your text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations as mail attachments rights from the ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors (available if you use Outlook or Thunderbird as a default mail client).

How to use

  • Save the file you are going to send.
  • Choose Send from the Plugins tab > (Background Plugins).
  • Add the required email address in the opened mail client window.
  • If necessary, change the Subject.
  • Send your document as a mail attachment.

I’ll seek clarification from my colleagues and get back to you with more information.

Thank you Nikolas. The problem is, I can not enable Send plugin because it says it can’t find a mail client.


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have registered the problem you described regarding “ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editor” opening the “Outlook” application instead of the default email client.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, when using this plugin, there are no alternative options available.