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Segoe UI Variable doesn't look right

I use Windows 11 and I wanted to use the new Segoe UI Variable Font to type a document out, as it looks really good. The font exists in OnlyOffice, but it doesn’t quite look right. I saw a difference that in Word, we have all sort of font options under Segoe UI Variable, such as Segoe UI Variable Display and Segoe UI Variable Semibold, but OnlyOffice only had one font called ‘Segoe UI Variable’.

The font looks really similar to Segoe in OnlyOffice, and so much different from ‘Segoe UI Variable Display’ found in Word (or any other Segoe UI Variable fonts in Word for that matter).

Any ideas on how I can get this font on OnlyOffice?

OS version: Windows 11 Build 22621.755
App version:
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

This fixed it for me. Weirdly, even though Segoe UI Variable is installed by default with Windows 11, it doesn’t seem to appear on OnlyOffice. Manually installing it from Microsoft seems to fix it

Hello @SlavBoii
That’s right. A user can install additional fonts via this guide: Adding new fonts to ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors - ONLYOFFICE

But what’s weird about this incident is that Segoe UI Variable is already installed with my Windows 11 installation and it works well in places like Microsoft Office, but it looked weirdly close to the original Segoe UI in OnlyOffice, until I installed the font again manually

Probably the described situation is related to Desktop Editors cache folder. It’s located here: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\ONLYOFFICE\DesktopEditors\data\cache

If you face the same issue with incorrect font view again, please try to remove contents of this folder from your PC and reinstall Desktop Editors.