Securing OnlyOffice Doc

Hi, i installed OnlyOffice Community edition with Docker, i’m using it with nextcloud and right now i had to expose so nextcloud can see my onlyoffice install outside lan, however anyone can access my webpage and they can see the name of my docker container for exemple, is it intended ? i’d like suggestion please.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @aaaoz
First of all, you can enable JWT on both sides. This way, no one can use your Document server. You can set up JWT in the local.json file on the Document server side (/etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/local.json, inside the container. If you change anything in this file, you have to restart all services with supervisorctl restart all command) and on the connector app page on the Nextcloud side.

Also you can disable Welcome page itself. We discussed that case earlier, please check it out: Hide / deactivate welcome page