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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Searching get incomplete results in Chinese

I am running community server, ES 7.16.3. Searching Chinese doc often get some of occurrences of key word(also in Chinese), not all of them. As ES could be configured with more plugin(text analyzer) to deal with the languages of various kinds, Could it possible to make ES better working from onlyoffice side with configuration?
Currently, shipped ES only get plugin ingest-attachment installed, which seems not working well enough with Chinese.


Hello @gaord

I believe that described issue is related to known bug 39365, but we need to check it out. Please go to Document module and try to find a file by its full name. After that - by a few hieroglyphs (not full name). Will the file be found by full name?

Thanks for feedback. I use the global search in the right-up Conner. I want to do a search on the content of documents as well, not only on the file name. It looks not work so well, however.

To search through documents content we have the Full-Text Search feature available in Control Panel.

If it is not the case then can you record a small video with demonstration of the problem and provide a document example?

Full-Text Search has been enabled correctly. The problem is searching results are not complete, missing a lot. I wonder if there could be some way to configure the ES to use more sophistecated text analyzer.

Sorry for being absent for a while.
Could you record a small video with demonstration of incomplete search so we could try to find the solution?

Hi, This is easy scenario to explain with text. I have a word doc with following line in it:
I can get the doc listed by searching 中间件运行情况分析, the whole line above. However, I would get no result if searching by 情况分析, part of the line.
Is it clear enough for the use case? Thanks in advance for any help.

Thanks for provided scenario.
We are checking the situation and I will update this thread once I have something to share.


We have created a bug report number 60392 based on the scenario with Full-Text Search is not being able to search through the document content by a incomplete phrase match.
Unfortunately, we do not have any guides on how to implement plugins into Elastic Search.

Thank you. How is the bug going then? It is found that the searching results for same key word are not consistent at times. Any ideas for improvement?

Unfortunately, I don’t have such detailed information about the bug status.