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Search function doesn't work on mobile

I installed the Android app (5.2.1 build 307 SDK on my Pixel 4a 5g.
I have connected an Infomaniak kDrive account.
When i search a file, i always have the message “Nothing was found”.
Thanks for your help.
JF from France

Hello Jieffe.

We know about this issue and we are working on it (internal bug number - 52652).

The current search logic looks for a file in the directory where you are currently located. Therefore, if you go to the folder where the file is located, the search will work correctly. We are working on implementing search in all folders and subfolders. But I cannot provide you with timeframes at the moment.

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Thanks Alexandre,
Even if the file is located on the folder, nothing works.

Even if the file is located on the folder, nothing works.

are you in the same folder before starting your search? in this case, the search should work correctly. Please reproduce the issue and make a videofile.

Hi Alexandre,
I recorded my phone screen : - Envoi sécurisé et gratuit de gros fichiers


Hello @Jieffe
Is it possible to provide us with test account? So we are able to check it out on the spot. If so, please contact me via PM.

With the last update (5.3.0 build 342 SDK, the search function works only in the folder where i am located.
It will be nice if it works everywhere!

Hello @Jieffe
If it’s possible, please provide us with a test account (you can contact me via PM to secure sensitive information). We tried to reproduce the issue, but I think that we need an account where the situation is reproducible.

My drive contains important files, I do not want to do this test. This bug seems to be known to OnlyOffice, I prefer to wait. Thank you.

Ok, we are continuing investigation on our side. If we get any news, I’ll update this post.
Also I want to say thank you for pointing us to this situation.