Saving on Synology Drive bug

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OS version: Linux Mint on MacBook Pro
App version: 8.0.1
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

  1. I open a file on my Synology Drive through net (not through a synchronized file on my computer).
  2. I edit the file and Save.
  3. Apparently saved, no error message, but the file on my Synology Drive is not updated, nor saved anywhere else.

hi @tim :wave:

Can I ask you to provide a video recording of this issue?

Not sure I know how to do it. Thanks.

More details about the bug:

  • After editing the file and try to save it advertises that the file allready exists, and asks if I want to overwrite. I answer yes, and it looks like it’s beeing saved but it’s not.

  • Also I tryed saving the file on the computer and after that copying it into the folder in Synology drive. It will do the same. Ask if I want to overwright. I say yes, but it doesn’t do it.

  • The only way it works is if I change the file’s name.


We haven’t tested such a scenario with Synology Drive before.

We’ll try to investigate this situation. However, we need information about which protocol is used for file transfer and video playback to diagnose the issue*.

*Please record a video demonstrating the issue and provide it for further analysis.

Could you please clarify whether this issue persists when using file synchronization between your computer and Synology Drive?

As I open the directly from the Server there is no synchronization to do, I don’t have the file saved on the computer.

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I understand your issue, but I don’t have Synology Drive to reproduce it.

  1. Could you demonstrate the problem using a screen recording tool?
  2. Do other desktop applications save files correctly?