Saving a pptx file to odp makes bad things to the slides layout

Trying to migrate from MSO to OO (or LO, I’m comparing both for a teacher’s use), I also try to switch to an open file format.
Lately, I faced a bothering issue : when I saved a pptx file to the odp format, everything seamed fine. But once I reopened the odp file, the layout of some slides was broken.

A table was impacted, some text zones…

Not very reassuring :frowning:

Hello @arcqus ,

Could you please clarify which version of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors you are using? It will help me provide you with accurate assistance.

Additionally, if you could send me the presentation file, that would be great. If the file contains any personal information, please send it to me via private message.

Thank you!

Hi Russel,
I was considering to join the file, but I cannot see how to do it in the forum.
Am I missing something or do I have to store it somewhere else ?
As of now, you can find both files (pptx and odp) there : Nuage - Application Nextcloud

Otherwise, I’m using the 7.3.0.

PS : tell me when you got the file. Nothing private, but I prefer remove unnecessary online data.
PPS : in the pptx, the layout is weird in a lot of slides. That’s another issue which I think is linked to slides template, but I did not have time to dive into this for now. For your analysis, please focus on the first slides, as in the screen capture.

Hello @arcqus

Thank you very much for providing us with the files and information. At this time, we are reviewing the situation and we will definitely notify you of any updates.

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Hello @arcqus

We would like to inform you that we were able to reproduce the issue during our testing. We have registered bug number 61378 in our internal tracking system and will notify you as soon as the issue is fixed.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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