Save PDF Changes with ONLYOFFICE 7.5

I try to enable the PDF Commenting/Editing mode with ONLYOFFICE 7.5.
But if I try to save the document, I get the following message:


I guess i set some parameters wrong but can not figure out which.

My configuration looks like this:

  "documentType": "word",
  "token": "xxx",
  "document": {
    "fileType": "pdf",
    "key": "xxx",
    "title": "xxx",
    "url": "xxx",
    "permissions": {
      "download": true,
      "edit": false,
      "comment": true,
      "print": true,
      "review": false,
      "fillForms": false,
      "rename": false,
      "changeHistory": false,
      "modifyFilter": false,
      "modifyContentControl": false
    "token": "xxx"
  "editorConfig": {
    "callbackUrl": "xxx",
    "createUrl": null,
    "lang": "en",
    "mode": "edit",
    "user": {
      "id": "xxx",
      "name": "xxx"

I also try multiple other combinations but without any success.

What is the correct parameter combination to support saving pdf comments?

Best regards

Hello, @uwohlfeil :handshake:

This behavior is a bug.
We are aware of this issue. The fix will be included in the next release, ONLYOFFICE Docs v.7.5.1.

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@Nikolas Thanks for the good news :+1:

Hey Nikolas,
saving of comments and marking is working now. But why are entrys in my PDF-forms not saved in the new document?

Hey @socialize.IT :handshake:
If you’re talking about some issue resembling a bug, it might be better to create a separate topic for that.