Save PDF Changes with ONLYOFFICE 7.5

I try to enable the PDF Commenting/Editing mode with ONLYOFFICE 7.5.
But if I try to save the document, I get the following message:


I guess i set some parameters wrong but can not figure out which.

My configuration looks like this:

  "documentType": "word",
  "token": "xxx",
  "document": {
    "fileType": "pdf",
    "key": "xxx",
    "title": "xxx",
    "url": "xxx",
    "permissions": {
      "download": true,
      "edit": false,
      "comment": true,
      "print": true,
      "review": false,
      "fillForms": false,
      "rename": false,
      "changeHistory": false,
      "modifyFilter": false,
      "modifyContentControl": false
    "token": "xxx"
  "editorConfig": {
    "callbackUrl": "xxx",
    "createUrl": null,
    "lang": "en",
    "mode": "edit",
    "user": {
      "id": "xxx",
      "name": "xxx"

I also try multiple other combinations but without any success.

What is the correct parameter combination to support saving pdf comments?

Best regards

Hello, @uwohlfeil :handshake:

This behavior is a bug.
We are aware of this issue. The fix will be included in the next release, ONLYOFFICE Docs v.7.5.1.

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@Nikolas Thanks for the good news :+1:

Hey Nikolas,
saving of comments and marking is working now. But why are entrys in my PDF-forms not saved in the new document?

Hey @socialize.IT :handshake:
If you’re talking about some issue resembling a bug, it might be better to create a separate topic for that.

OnlyOffice Version 8.0.1 This problem exists. PDF Comment Not autosave. When I opened my browser Debug to submit a comment, WebSocket did not initiate a request. Looks like a Web problem


Hello, are you encountering the same error when saving PDF?

Yes, PDF Comment not save online AND Comment authority Out of action

Hi @alex2024
At the moment, PDF viewer can only save new changes in separate file

The reason why I chose PDF comment is because the number of pages opened in word document in OnlyOffice is not the same as that in Microsoft Office. There are many tables and pictures in the document, OnlyOffice will change their spacing so that the number of pages will be different. I want onlyoffice and Microsoft Office with the same page number when I open the document. What do I need to do?

Could you please provide the document where you found the differences between ONLYOFFICE and Microsoft Office, and specify them?

I use {NUMPAGES} to update page numbers. OnlyOffice always generates fewer page numbers than Microsoft Office. Although their content looks the same.

We have a proposal to add support for introducing “fields” such as NUMPAGES, STYLEREF, FORMULA…

This might indeed be the issue.
We need a document to precisely identify the problem.