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Save or Save as.. option missing?

ONLYOFFICE Mobile: Documents
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Device: Lenovo TabM10
OS version: Android 10
App version: 7
Mode: On Device
I don’t see a Save or Save as option in any kind of document when editing an on-device file. Am I missing something ?

Hello @sjha

To save the file On Device mode please follow:

  1. tap the Settings icon Settings icon in the right corner of the top toolbar,
  2. tap the Print Export menu item,
  3. tap one of the available file formats: DOCX, PDF, RTF, ODT,
  4. specify the path where the file will be saved. It can be either the same device or a cloud storage.

All the instructions you can find in our Help Center.

This is different then from the Desktop version which has a File menu containing both Save and Save as…. Why does the mobile version only have this Export option? While editing a document I’d like to be able save periodically with just the usual Cmd-S option and use a Save as… option when I want to save with a different file name. The Export function should surely be just an additional option when wishing to change the file format

Hello @sjha

Once the editing is finished and user closes the file the editors show a dialog windows asking you to save the file. Thank you for the suggestion, I will forward it to our development department for further consideration.

As it stands at the moment, if it is a long editing session then any programme glitch on closing the file wil lose all the editing changes. I hope that the same behaviour as in the desktop version can be brought into the Android version.