"save as" is not working

Report a bug:

Document Server version: 7.4.1 apple silicon and apple X64
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe): desktop.dmg (apple chip)
OS: mac OS Ventura 13.5
Browser version: Safari 16.6

In old ONLYOFFICES there was the possibility to save documents as WORD files or just save the documents under a new name. Since version 7.4 the “save as”-Menu does not work.
Please fix that.
Thank you from Germany

Hello @HEicher

Can you provide a demo of the issue?

I can see that you have sent a message on forum mail. I’d ask you to upload your video to any cloud storage and share it here as an external link. If you are aware of any sensitive data in the demo, you can send the link to me via PM.

I am seeing the same issue on the same platform/OS combination and app version

Hello @GeoB

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to reproduce the issue with given description.
Can you record a video demonstration of the issue? Or at least more details for better understanding.

Hello Constantine, please open a document and try to save it as “Save as”. No dialog - with the choices to choose the kind of document - will appear. This is only new since Version 7.4

I did - window appears as intended.
Have you tried reinstalling the app? In general, where did you download it in the first place?

I use an iMac 2020 (Apple CPU) and have reinstalled the App twice. I download it from your website.

whwn i open an old document, i can not save it as another filetype, because dialogwindow does not appear.

Does it happen to this particular file only? If does, is it possible to share the file for analysis?

Hello Constantine,
i found the problem:
When using the file-menu in OnlyOffice, “save as” works fine!
When using the file-menu from the apple menu above, “save as” does not work!

Hi! I also have the same issue. And from the apple menu it doesn’t work. Looks like “save as” = “save”

Thank you for the information. We will check the issue, I will update the thread once any news come up.

We were able to reproduce the issue with given scenario and it was registered as a bug. We are already working on it.

Thank everyone for reporting it.

Literally nothing to record. Open a document - hit Save As… under file menu - nothing happens. Not sure how to record nothing :slight_smile: