Save As has no file options doesn´t work

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OS version: Ubuntu 22.04
App version: version (flatpak)
Downloaded from: Flathub

When I click the option Save As, no options or window appears. It saves as a default. I can´t choose filetype like PDF or any other. Also there is no export option, so I can´t use this option either. Please help.

Hello @sinhbg

Do you use any specific graphical interface on your computer?

May I ask you to run a test and try installing Desktop Editors, for example, with AppImage or Snap to see if problem persist? You can download it from here:

I use Ubuntu Budgie. I uninstalled the flatpak version and installed a deb package following your suggestions. Now, I do get an option to save as pdf or others. The option appears in the right bottom corner. Thx.

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