Save a oform file as word and oform file

When we finished a oform file. Now we can only Save as a pdf file. Can you add these two choice: Save as word file, Save as Oform file.
It may be a strange features. For example,when we use Rich text in Oform, we ofen copy document from Word or Excel, So we need to fix format. It is better to fix in word than in Oform. The other reason is someone will audit the file. But he does not installed Onlyoffice Desktop Editors, so we can send the word file to the guys.

Desktop Editors version:
OS version: windows 11
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Hello @Li.fe

Maybe you are referring to some other feature but if you open File tab of the editors, there you will find Save As button after pressing which a ‘saving’ window appears where you can choose needed file format to save the document, including OFORM and DOCX.
Please clarify your request if I’m wrong and that is not what you are looking for.

Use Desktop Editors to edit a oform file, then click ‘Save As’ button after pressing which a ‘saving’ window appears, but it just pdf format.

Thanks for clarifying. We will discuss your suggestion and then I’ll provide you a feedback.

We have registered your suggestion as an enhancement to add possibility to save OFORM as a DOCX in Desktop Editors.

Thank you for the suggestion.

I found the Form oneline demo can download file as .docx and .pdf…
When do you add this function to desktop? It is better save file as oform docx pdf.

Unfortunately, there are no news on the suggestion yet.