ONLYOFFICE 7.0: online forms, password protection in sheets, collaboration improvements and much more
ONLYOFFICE 7.0 released

Sample Data from OnlyOffice Docs never completely opens to edit

OnlyOffice Doc Server Win2k19
OnlyOffice Group Server Win2k19

I can never get the documents to fully load in the browser editor using the Doc server browser or a workstation browser. All workstations are Win10 using latest Edge. I have tried firefox and IE locally on the Doc Server. All with the same results. “Loading Spreadsheet” or “Loading document” endlessly.

Hello @timothy
Please go to the server where Document server is deployed and reproduce the issue with integrated example and provide us with whole Document server logs folder. It’s located here: Program Files\ONLYOFFICE\DocumentServer\log
Also please reproduce the issue with open browser console:

  • Open browser console (for example, F12 in Chrome) → choose ‘Network’ tab in browser console → reproduce the issue (open a file) → check if there are any error entries in console and send us a screenshot;
  • Choose ‘Console’ tab in browser console → reproduce the issue → check if there are any error entries in console and send us a screenshot.

Sent log folder via email.

console errors

Thank you for the provided data.

What is your installed version of PostgreSQL? Also please make a few tests:

  1. Go to %ProgramFiles%\PostgreSQL\9.6\pgAdmin 4\bin\ and execute pgAdmin4.exe.

  2. In the left side of opened window choose PostgreSQL.

  3. Use password onlyoffice .

Will the authorization be successful?

Also please provide us with screenshots of this directories of PostgreSQL: Database > onlyoffice > Schemas > public >Tables. You should see ‘doc_changes’ and ‘task_result’ tables.

PostgreSQL 14
Yes successful.
Screenshot. There are no tables in Tables.

Sorry about this situation. It’s related to a different encryption method in the latest PostgreSQL versions. Recently I posted the guide in other topic where there was a discussion with another user about the same situation. Please check it out and let us know if provided solutions helped (change encryption method or install PostgreSQL v.9.6) : Issue loading documents within DocumentServer - #7 by Alexandre

That corrected the issue. OnlyOffice docs and groups are now functioning properly. Thank you very much.

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