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Same behavior of the task description in CRM and Projects

When I enter an address such as in the description of a task in the Project module, it becomes a link that can be clicked. This is very convenient, so you can link internal documents that belong to the task.

When I do enter the same in the description of a task in the CRM module, I don’t get a link. It stays in plain text. Since this feature already exists in the projects, it shouldn’t be a big problem technically to implement this for the CRM as well.

Hello @geowol
Thank you for your idea. We added it to our internal tracklist (internal number - 55437) and we have started working on it.
Unfortunately, I can’t say when we release this behavior at the moment.

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Thank you for the feedback. It’s nice if I can contribute at least a little bit.

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Hello! This issue has been fixed in the latest Community Server version!

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