Ribbon head

How to create plugin, to add new ribbon in the head menu.

Like it does in the xlam files for Ms excel

Hello @er77

I don’t quite understand the request. Do you want to add new custom tab on the main toolbar in the editors via plugin? If that so then, unfortunately, this is not possible.

If I misunderstand anything please elaborate.

Yes - it was my question

Please see basic information about plugins in our editors:

You can write down your own plugin and add it to the editors:

And why? This does not interfere with Microsoft at all, and on the contrary, it is an extremely useful opportunity for a convenient expansion of the functionality “for yourself”!

Hello @Vetal
There’s already opportunity for editor customization: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Config
However there’s no way to change editor interface (add a ribbon) via plugin.
Sorry for inconvenience.