Restrict downloading and printing of documents to prevent distribution of content

Hello, i installed the onlyoffice workspace with digitalocean but in the security issue I did not see the option to perform the restriction so that they can not download or print any file, please can you explain to me how to perform the integration of the api, the indications On the page they are not clear or what other option is there to carry out this process

Hello @NathalySuarez_25
Please note that mentioned section (‘permissions’) is related to integrators only. Workspace is a different product with its own integration way between Document server and Community server. There is no way to achieve your request at the moment. But mentioned possibility (disable ‘Print and ‘Download’ features for files in Document module) is planned to release with Community Server v.12. We are working on it, so I cannot provide you with exact release date.

Thank you, but do you have any tentative date when this update could be done? and when you mean only with integrators what do you mean? I didn’t understand that part

We are planning to release Community Server v.12 in April. But timeframes can shift because we are still working.

As for my comment about integrators. Workspace is out-of-the-box portal solution. All modules are already integrated and set up.

The integrators can choose different way. For example, if you already have your self-written storage and you want to have an oportunity to edit files in your storage, you will not find ready-to-go connector app on our site, but you can create your own integration between your self-written storage and Document server. In this case, the API knowledge base will help you (ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Basic concepts)

Is there any way to give priority to new this functionality?

Community server v.12 with mentioned feature is planned to be released in April. I doubt that we have time to finish it earlier.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Thanks for the info.

Hello @Alexandre,
please confirm me if you have an estimated date when this new functionality comes out.
Thank you

Hello @NathalySuarez_25
I believe we are on the finishing line. Community server v.12 with mentioned feature is planned for the end of April - beginning of May.
Please keep in mind that timeframe can change.

Hello @Alexandre ,
Please confirm if you have an estimated date for this update.
Thank you

Hello @NathalySuarez_25
Probably we will release Community server v.12 at the end of this week.

Hello, sorry for always asking about this update but we are waiting for us to be able to carry out some tests that we have, do you have a release date?

Please accept our apologies for release date shift. The estimated date of Community server v.12 is next week. We are working hard to release it as soon as possible.