Restrict DocumentServer to listen only on localhost

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Document Server version: 6.3.1-32
Type of installation of the Document Server: OnlyOffice Debian repository
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)

Hi, I need to restrict an OnlyOffice DocumentServer to listen only on localhost to have only nginx open as a proxy.

Right now I have the follow open ports listening without interface restriction:

tcp6       0      0 :::3000                 :::*                    LISTEN      1658/example
tcp6       0      0 :::43741                :::*                    LISTEN      1706/example
tcp6       0      0 :::8126                 :::*                    LISTEN      1652/metrics
tcp6       0      0 :::8000                 :::*                    LISTEN      1650/docservice
tcp6       0      0 :::8080                 :::*                    LISTEN      1659/spellchecker

I prefer to restrict this by configuration instead of iptables/firewall.

Hello Open-DSI.

Unfortunately, we don’t have ready-to-go solution for your request. I think you should start your research here:Using ONLYOFFICE Docs behind the proxy - ONLYOFFICE

Also list of ports which must be opened for Docs will be useful for you: Ports which must be opened for ONLYOFFICE Docs - ONLYOFFICE

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