Restrict different users to edit different chapters

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Document Server version: 7.2
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe): docker
OS: windows 11
Browser version: chrome 107

How can I restrict user A to edit only the first chapter of a large document, and user B to edit only the second chapter

Can the editor do this at present :joy_cat:

Unfortunately, the permissions of the document cannot be divided depending on the sections of it, they must be applied on the whole document. But for such scenario “Review” mode could do the job.
When somebody shares a file with you using the review permissions, you need to apply the document Review feature.
As a reviewer, you can use the Review option to review the document, change the sentences, phrases and other page elements, correct spelling, etc. without actually editing it. All your changes will be recorded and shown to the person who sent you the document.

If you send the file for review, you will need to display all the changes which were made to it, view and either accept or reject them.

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