Restore Zotero Citations from a Zotero_Transfer_Document

Hi! I used Google Docs to create a document that has Zotero citations in it. Now I would like to switch over to Only Office to work on the document. For that, one has to create a transfer document that allows different word processors to parse the citations (see this link for more information). Then one should be able to restore the citations using the “refresh” function within the Zotero plugin. This works fine with Libre Office, but in OnlyOffice, nothing happens when I click this button. Is this feature simply not available for the OnlyOffice Zotero plugin or am I doing something wrong?

OS version: Ubuntu 22.04
App version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version (deb)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website / Other (specify)

Hello @j.wiesner
I’m trying to figure out exact usage scenario. I have installed Zotero plugin in Google Chrome browser and locally > edited a file via Google Docs and added a citation. Saved the file locally and opened it via Desktop Editors. All things are OK so far. Would you mind recording a videofile while you’re reproducing the situation?

@Alexandre : The problem is, that everything looks fine from a rendering perspective, but if you open the document in OnlyOffice the citations are stored as hyperlinks to and not as “real zotero” citations. You even get a warning as a user as soon as you try to download the google docs document as a .docx file:


Zotero actively recommends to

1.) Make a copy
2.) Within that copy “switch word processors” to create a transfer document that can be used to safely switch between various word processors (Microsoft Word, Libre Office, etc.)

If you ignore that (just download the file without creating this transfer document), you end up with a dead link (I cannot post more than one screenshot in this thread, since I am a new user)

Curious if you can reproduce this?

Hello @j.wiesner
We are checking the situation, I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hello @j.wiesner
As far as I understand, you have posted the same question on the GitHub and a colleague of mine has already replied: Restore Zotero Citations from a Zotero_Transfer_Document · Issue #281 · ONLYOFFICE/ · GitHub
So far, the plugin can’t update citations, but we are working on it already.

P.S. Please do not post the same request in different communication channels.

Yes that’s correct! Sorry for posting this twice, in the beginning I just thought that I did something wrong or something didn’t work on my particular machine (I thought the refresh button would do what I wanted), I therefore asked for help here. Only after 1-2 days I realized that this is simply not implemented, this is why I opened an issue.

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