Restore DocSpace to new server

Hello! I want to restore DocSpace server to a new one. In How-to i found that i must to change key in web.appsettings.config, TeamlabSvc.exe.Config and production.json but where can I find this files ? DocSpace installed by script as package on Debian 12. Please, help me…

Hello @ErV
Please check this path: /etc/onlyoffice/docspace/
You need to check these files: appsettings.production.json (core.machinekey), apisystem.production.json (core.machinekey), radicale.config (machine_key). Change this parameter there, so it matches to your old server and run systemctl restart docspace*

P.S. The mentioned web.appsettings.config, TeamlabSvc.exe.Config and production.json are related to Workspace installation.

P.P.S. I’ll leave here the same steps for docker just in case.
The easiest way for docker is to edit APP_CORE_MACHINEKEY value in /app/onlyoffice/.env and after that recreate containers with command:
docker-compose -f /app/onlyoffice/docspace.yml -f /app/onlyoffice/notify.yml up -d --force-recreate

I really appreciate for your help! I’ll try it and inform about result!

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