Response method for onExternalPluginMessage


is there also a response function for the method onExternalPluginMessage?

My use case is that I want to call a plugin from outside (that works) and wait for it to finish (missing feature?). I was hoping that there would be a way to send a message back to the outer frame which I could then get via window.addEventListener("message", ....

Is this already possible or do you plan to implement it?

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Hello @uwohlfeil
Sorry, but external interaction is not implemented at the moment. We will discuss it internally, but I cannot provide you with any plans at the moment.

Hi @Alexandre ,

ok, thanks for your response.

My current way is to (miss)use the local store as response channel.
If the outer part and the plugin are from the same the same domain, it works.

But a clean domain independent and event driven solution will be better.

I wish you a nice weekend

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