Request history data error

We have installed onlyoffice docker version (Ver 7), and run the onlyoffice sample code(Java Spring) to verify the function provided by onlyoffice. But when we select the previous version of the document on the left side bar, it seems that something wrong happened. We check the console of chrome and fount the following error:

  1. Request URL:

  2. Request Method:

  3. Status Code:
    404 Not Found

But the click the most previous version , the error does not show. Can any one give us some ideas how to solve this problem.

Hello @sam

it seems that something wrong happened

Do you see any pop-up error message in this scenario? Please reproduce the issue and make screenshots (screenshots of ‘Console’ and ‘Network’ browser tabs too).
After that please provide us with whole Document server logs folder. It’s located here: /app/onlyoffice/DocumentServer/logs/documentserver/

One more thing. Please point us to guides which you used for Document server\Java Spring installations.