Replace bookmark by combobox


I want to replace bookmarks with “combo” in their name with a combobox.

Children of paragraghs such as combobox or paragraph cannot be inserted from a range.

How should I do it ?

thanks in advance

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Hello @David33
We’re checking the situation, I will update this thread as soon as possible.
By the way, your Document server (v.7.1) is outdated. We recommend to update installation timely.

in fact i am using


After a lot of reading and trying I found this way :

oRange.Delete(); // this seem to put the current cursor (the current position in the doc) at the deleted range.
oDocument.InsertContent([oComboBoxForm]); // this insert new content at the current cursor

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We’re glad that you managed the situation. Please feel free to contact us if you face any issues.

Sorry, in fact some times it does not work and return " Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ea’ of undefined " ?

It works if i put the contentControl in an InlineLvlSdt and in a created paragraph :

var oInlineLvlSdt1 = Api.CreateInlineLvlSdt();
oInlineLvlSdt1.AddText(“InlineLvlStd Label”);
var oParagraph = Api.CreateParagraph();

BUT, the insertion of a paragraph add also a space and a carriage return after the paragraph.

Is it possible to delete those spaces and the carriages returns and how ?

Or is it possible to replace the paragragh container by an appropriate inline container that can be inserted at the current range selection ?


Could you please share your test file and script itself (with detailed description of the issue) with us? We will check it out.

  1. source doc is test.docx - Google Docs

  2. php execute a docbuilder script to retrieve the textual content of the doc and parses all the variables, defined by a sequence of alphanum characters with at least one underscore.

$vars is :
[ADR1_FIXE_CONSO] => adr1_fixe_conso
[ADR2_FIXE_CONSO] => adr2_fixe_conso
[ADR3_FIXE_CONSO] => adr3_fixe_conso
[ADR4_FIXE_CONSO] => adr4_fixe_conso
[ADRES1_EXPEDITION] => Adres1_expedition
[ADRES2_EXPEDITION] => Adres2_expedition
[ADRES3_EXPEDITION] => Adres3_expedition
[ADRES4_EXPEDITION] => Adres4_expedition
[CODE_CIV_EXPEDITION] => Code_Civ_expedition
[COMPL_EXPEDITION] => Compl_expedition
[DATE_IMPRESSION] => Date_impression
[NOM_EXPEDITION] => Nom_expedition
[NUM_DERNIER_PRODUIT_ACTIF] => Num_dernier_produit_actif
[NUM_ID] => Num_id
[V_A] => V_A
[V_B] => V_B

  1. Then i would like a docbuilder script (run by PHP which knows the vars) to replace all vars by an appropriate content control (simple inline text or simple inline combobox) :
$out['docBuilder_script'] ='
builder.OpenFile("' . $docx . '");
var oDocument = Api.GetDocument() , aBookmarks = oDocument.GetAllBookmarksNames() ;

// remove all bookmarks
aBookmarks.forEach(function(element, index, Array) {
           var oRange = oDocument.GetBookmarkRange(element);



if( is_array($vars)){
       foreach ($vars as $k => $v) {
           $v = trim($v);  
           $out['docBuilder_script'] .='

           var aSearch = oDocument.Search("' . $v . '"),  aSearchNb = aSearch.length;
           for (var i = 0; i < aSearchNb  ; i++ ){

               // Bookmark name must be unique. So trying to suffix the item with its occurence number.
               // BUT it displays 5 items of "V_A" and "V_B" instead of the 3 from the source.
               // It seems like the initial search is refreshed after each replacement ???

               var suffix = ""; if(aSearch.length>1) suffix = "__" + (i+ 1);              

               aSearch[i].AddBookmark("'.$v.'" + suffix );

               var oI = Api.CreateInlineLvlSdt();
                   oI.AddText("' .$v . '"+suffix);
                   oI.SetAlias("' . $v . '"+suffix);
                   oI.SetPlaceholderText("' . $v . '"+suffix);
                   oI.SetTag("' .$v . '" );

               var oP = Api.CreateParagraph();

               // This insert oP at the current selection, the search item current selection via aSearch[i].Select();
               // oDocument.InsertContent([oI]); throws error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ea of undefined"
               // oDocument.InsertContent([oP]); works BUT a carriage return and a space is added after the block insertion.



   $out['docBuilder_script'] .='
   builder.SaveFile("docx", "' . $docx . '");
  1. result is

  2. Questions are :

  1. With the docbuilder script, how to replace the content of a range - via search() or GetAllBookmarksNames() results - with an inline content control or inline combobox, keeping the range’s original display styles ?

    In fact I just wish I could do the same as what is done in the GUI :

    • text selection in the doc + menu insert / content control / plain text
    • insert / content control / highlight settings + color choice
  2. How to avoid having additional variable generations? I mean I should only have V_A_1, V_A_2 and V_A_3. What is wrong ?

  3. Ranges are highligtable. Thus, I can highlight in yellow all the variables of my document. But how do you remove all highlights from these vars? I tried to use bookmark containers but they need a unique id and when I try to name them with their occurrence number it becomes a mess?