Removing all hyperlinks from a docx document

Tell me please. Is it possible in OnlyOffice to remove all hyperlinks from a docx document as it is implemented in Microsoft Office (Ctrl + Shift + F9) or LibreOffice (Ctrl + A after RMB and remove the hyperlink (on one of the hyperlinks in the document) and all hyperlinks are removed?

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Hello @d.raev
We are checking the situation. I’ll notify you when we get any result.

You can say? Is this functionality available in OnlyOffice or not? This is not a bug report to leave to work on this ticket.

Sorry, there’s no such functionality at the moment (bug number - 51294), but we are working on it already.

Good afternoon. Is there a time frame for adding this feature?

Sorry, I cannot provide you with time line at the moment. But I will update this post when I get any news.

Tell me please. Is it planned to add this functionality in the release, which will tentatively take place in early March?

No, we will not have time to add this feature. As for this feature in general, I will provide you with any news\plans when I get them. But this feature will definitely not be included in the next release.