Remove "take photo or video" from upload button

Who would ever want to take a picture of the real world for this software forum?

It’s just an mistap magnet (2nd item in the list)

Hey @esv :wave:

We’ve had instances where videos were recorded directly from the camera.
We know this can happen. :upside_down_face:
Some users might not want to download or use screen recording programs.

For example, we had a problem where ONLYOFFICE Desktop had a bug when the computer went to sleep mode.

You don’t need to download any app and continue to use your phone’s camera, this is mostly about how often you’d use it right when posting (and not in advance, where you’d use the top button) to warrant such a prominent place

Maybe it could just be separated from the other two buttons with an empty line or two, think would resolve the mistapping issue

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Alright, we’ll consider your suggestion.
Thank you for pointing out these small but important details.

I’ll keep you updated on the decision regarding its implementation :handshake:

We discussed your suggestion and decided to keep the “take photo or video” option via the upload shortcut, as we cannot rule out the potential need for this feature.

You can keep it but still improve it by placing it away according its very rare use

Have you ever had situations where you accidentally pressed the “take photo or video” option?

I wouldn’t be so quick to say there are widespread problems with accidental presses. So far, you’re the first to mention it! :slight_smile:

Of course, several times when trying to use this here and on another forum with the same design flaw. On the other side - how often do you actually use this functionality to experience how bad it is?

That’s a very bad metric since there is too much friction to this type of feedback landing here for you to see much. Case in point - see my other issues on how bad the editing experience is (even on a desktop). But there are other good reason as well

@esv :wave:

Your examples and reasoning are certainly interesting, but I still don’t see enough evidence to consider this a widespread issue. We will keep your suggestion under review. Perhaps more users will chime in on this thread if they have encountered a similar inconvenience with the forum interface.

Thank you for your feedback!