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Removal fonts from "core-fonts" directory

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When i remove dir from core-fonts directory documentserver docker image crashes.
Is there some way to remove embeded fonts?

Thank you.

Hello @polauf!

Please clarify some additional information:

  • The version of your document server
  • What exactly happens with the document server when you remove the core - fonts?
  • The method which you used to remove the core - fonts.
  • Version: 7.2.2-56
  • Running Document server as docker container all-in-one (postgresql ,rabitmq)

How its happen:

  • copied folder /var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver/core-fonts from docker.
  • used copied folder as volume to original location
       - 'copied-folder-core-fonts:/var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver/core-fonts'
  • removed tibetan-machine folder in core-fonts/
  • Remade container. (Regenerate fonts is on)
  • Than document server runs as normally until i scroll to removed font place in font selector (When i have opened docx document).
  • Than it shows generic error window connection lost.
  • Nothing in logs /var/log/onlyoffice (Maybe there is more somewhere else)

We have not tested your font removal procedure so we can not guarantee its performance.

But we have tested the following font removal procedure, please follow it:

  1. Delete the unwanted folders with fonts from the core-fonts folder and add the required fonts there (inside the docker container) - /var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver/core-fonts

  2. Run

  3. IMPORTANT: Clear the browser cache to see the new fonts.

Let me know the results

It works for removal of fonts from core-fonts and addition to /usr/share/fonts. Even through docker volumes.
Trick was to run after any change and clear cache from firefox.

Thank you

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We were glad to help you! Please contact us if you will have any other questions.