(Relatively) high CPU usage when multiple .docx files are open

I just opened 7 .docx files of 800-1200 words each. I want to make use of Onlyoffice’s tabbed interface! I also have the same 7 documents open in MS Word (I’m trying to transition to OO completely but am for the moment still checking all files to make 100% they are formatted exactly as in MS Word. Causing problems for my clients is not an option).

Word’s CPU usage hits a maximum of 1.8% while editing a document. Otherwise, it rests at 0%.
Onlyoffice never drops below 5%. While editing, it’s around 20%. What can be done to reduce this excessively high CPU usage?

CPU: i7-8565U in x1 Thinkpad, plugged in on medium performance mode

OS version: Windows 10 21H2 19044.3086
App version:
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

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:wave: @user-of-file
Unfortunately, when working with Desktop editors, we are heavily dependent on the architectural features of the Chromium Embedded Framework.

We are constantly working on optimizing the product, trying to work around the architectural peculiarities of the Chromium Embedded Framework. In future versions of ONLYOFFICE Desktop, we will definitely take your feedback.

We value every user, and thank you for choosing ONLYOFFICE Desktop. :handshake:

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