Regarding the operation of document builder on tables in docx documents, it is not possible to set cross page line breaks

Can’t this property be set like Microsoft Office

document Builder Version:8.0.0
Operating system: Windows 11 Home Chinese version

Hello @Adelson

If your goal is to make table “unbreakable”, i.e. to avoid splitting the table at the bottom of the page to the next page, then you can use following method as a workaround:

If I misunderstood you scenario, please provide more details.

We cannot set the rows in the table body as table headers because our table headers are displayed consecutively on each page

Thanks for the reply. Please explain what are you trying to achieve with Document Builder?

Use document builder to dynamically assemble table data, requiring that each row of the table is not displayed across pages

I’m sorry but your description is still not clear. Can you please provide more details? If I understand you correctly, you’d like to prevent table from being separate to several pages. Please correct me if I’m wrong.