Regarding the issue of 'your text here' appearing when adding and then removing a watermark

Do you want to: Report a bug
Document Server version: 8.0
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe, please point us to the installation guide that you used as well):
OS: docker
Browser version: latest

Steps to Reproduce the Bug ,As follows:

1. step 1

Add a watermark

2. step 2

Remove the watermark

3. step3

Close the document editor, wait for the server to save for 10 seconds, and ‘your text here’ will appear

additional info

I think this is a bug, and I have fixed it. I will submit a PR .

Hello, thank you for the report, we are currently analysing the issue, please wait. And yes, when you submit a PR, please provide a link to it.

hi, @DmitriiV
I have already submitted a PR, the link is as follows.

Cause of bug

When a document has multiple different CHeaderFooter objects, the watermark will not cover the entire document

In the Serialize2.js code, when handling the file stream, CInlineLevelSdt will be recreated, followed by a check to determine if placeholder content needs to be replaced.

Thank you for sharing, we’ll look into this!

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Hello, we actually confirmed the bug you’ve been talking about and registered it in our bug tracking system. Thank you for sharing once again. We will look into your solution.

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