Refresh a document when it opens


when I open an extern document it works fine. But when I want to open my document with the same url and ID again then I get my latest edit version from the document server and not the current version from my URL. So actually it makes sense but in my case it doesn’t because maybe we edit this document on another way. Of curse, always when I open a document I can generate a new ID and add this to my current ID (i need the ID in the callback url), but it is possible to tell the document server to refresh the document and download it again from the url?

Or is it possible to delete a file from outside? Then I could delete the file if I downloaded it.

Hello, @parceval :handshake:
It’s a bit challenging to understand the nature of your issue. Could you provide a video demonstration or a step-by-step execution of your scenario?

It’s possible that status handling is influencing the current situation.