Referencing Data from a second sheet

Hi Guys
I hope this is simple but I am putting together a spreadsheet to manage home budgets.
Sheet 1 - collating data
Sheet 2 - Income
Sheet 3 - Expenditure

I want to pull data from income to collating data and then pull data from expenditure to collating data. How do I do this please?

Currently using =SHEET(income+income!G2)



Hello @gucu

If I understand correctly, you want simply mirror cells from one sheet to another sheet. Here are few ways on how this can be done:

  1. By using next syntax in the formula bar:

Where Sheet1 is the name of the sheet where original cell is located and A1 is the cell itself.

  1. By copying value and pasting in with Paste Special feature - simply select cell/range of cells you want to transfer, copy the values via context menu (right-click) or CTRL+C, open destination sheet, select cell where you want to put content, paste it via context menu or CTRL+V, open Paste Special drop-down list and select Paste Link (N).
    Here is small demo on this for better visual reference:
    2023-08-10 13-04-03

As you can see, it basically uses the same syntax but in ‘automate’ way.

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Perfect answer thank you so much.

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