Reference config data inside editor

Hello, i was wondering if there is a way to reference the config object inside the editor. Alternatively im looking for a way to send external data to the editor.

Hello @edlacer

Could you please elaborate on what do you mean by that?
Additionally, please specify what kind of data you would like to pass to the editors externally.

i want to be able to get the config object instance so i can embed a suboject inside the config.
What im looking to do is to send the editor a json object that has as keys multiple form tags that have to be fillled via plugins

Unfortunately, Document Server will not be able to read custom fields added to the config, only those which are described in the documentation can be read.
Additionally, plugins in general cannot read properties that are defined in the config of Document Server, hence cannot fetch data in the background if I understand your idea.

If you have an exact scenario on what you want to achieve please share so we check if it possible to perform it after all.

ok, i see.
Sorry for the late response, what i want to know now is if there is a way to communicate with the editor from the outside.
Let’s say i want to open a form with various fields. Between those fields there are fields like name, address, phone number, etc. which i know before the form is opened.
What i want to know is if there is a way i can send the data known to me to the editor so the forms are filled with the data when the document is loaded.
I’ve already written the plugin to fill the forms using GetFormsByTag and SetFormValue, i just need to recieve the data.
Please let me know if there is a way i can achieve this.
Thanks in adavance

Sorry for the late response.

Unfortunately, interaction with editors from outside/externally is only possible with paid editions of Document Server with enabled Automation API. If you are interested in obtaining a license, consider contacting for more details.

Here is an example of such interaction with editors from our API:

Please note: this example uses connector class that pertains to Automation API that I’ve mentioned earlier.

Hello, I want to do the same thing shown in the example(ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - External access to the document editing) but instead of doing it with forms, use another spreadsheet