Redmine Integration

Installed Workspace using the following command:

All worked as expected, and I can log in, edit docs, etc.

However, I can not get the document service to integrate with Redmine. It says “ refused connection” I’m fairly sure the settings in Redmin are correct since I get a different failure notice if I don’t put in the secret. Same error with or without SSL. I am at a loss. Is there any more information available?

Hello @mlocke317
What is your final goal? Document server integration with Redmine? Or editing Redmine files + all features of workspace installation?
If you need DS integration with Redmine, it’s better to use separate Document server.
But as I see, you installed Workspace (portal solution). I’m not sure that I am able to help you with this scenario.
If you need Workspace + Redmine integration, please contact us via Zendesk
My colleagues will try to help you.