Redis Issue in Document Server Community Edition

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Document Server version: 8.1
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OS: Docker

Hi, I’ve installed separate containers for postgreqsql, rabbitMQ and redis for the community edition of Only Office Docs Server to be able to persist the data outside of a single docker container. However I’ve noticed that even though the redis server is reachable from the document server docker container, it’s not being used. Wanted to know if there’s some other change I need to make even though I am passing REDIS_HOST and REDIS_PORT parameter to the document server container while running docker run

Hello @nonUser12

Please check out the list of available environment variables for Docker installation of Document Server here. For Redis there are three parameters you can provide:

  • REDIS_SERVER_HOST: The IP address or the name of the host where the Redis server is running.
  • REDIS_SERVER_PORT: The Redis server port number.
  • REDIS_SERVER_PASS: The Redis server password. The password is not set by default.

If you are using any specific configuration, please take a look at the documentation with detailed information about available configuration parameters: