Recover file structure and naming outside of Onlyoffice

Hello all, I am pretty new to the suite, but I love it!
I wanted to ask a question. I searched in the forum but could not find an answer really. So here I go:

How can I access, outside of onlyoffice, the files and folders which I have created/uploaded?
For example, let’s say that tomorrow I change my mind and I want to quit onlyoffice. Can I recover the folder structure and all the files which I have uploaded?

I can see some of the data is stored on /var/www/onlyoffice/Data/Products/Files/ (whereas the folder /app/onlyoffice/CommunityServer/data/ does not exist inside my community server container).
However the way this is organized is not very clear to me. It seems to me that file and folder names have disappeared and are replaced with “file_X” or “folder_XXXX” or “content.XXXX”.
Is there a way to recover a proper naming? It would be fantastic to “export” the file structure so to take the latest version of files and folders (with correct naming of files and folders).
thanks a lot for any help!

My setup is:
Ubuntu 20.04 server edition
Onlyoffice docker installation (Document Server v7.0.0.132, Community Server v11.6.0.1620, Control Panel v3.0.3.410)
Firefox 96.01 browser on Windows client.
ssh through Ubuntu WLS 20.04

All files of your portal are stored on the server by fileID. If you want to extract the folders and files while keeping their names and structure, you need to download them via browser.

Hello, I missed the option of downloading through browser, thanks!