Questions of only office server-core

Hello, our team are doing research on only office online document editor and have some quesitons here :
1.Does document editor was implemented based on WOPI?
2.There are some C++ projects under server-core respository, what these projects used for
3.We are looking into these c++ projects and would like to understand which project was used for processing word document ,for example how the code process “docGrid ” attribate in document.xml of word,

Hi @fantasyxw and your team :handshake:

  1. ONLYOFFICE Docs supports the WOPI protocol

  2. I can tell you that the product is open source, and you can inspect the code written by yourself.

  3. Currently, w:docGrid is not supported by the editor. We are aware of this issue, and we are already working on it.

We’re delighted that our project has piqued your interest!
In what context are you conducting research? Is it related to security?
Perhaps you might be interested in a bounty program.

Thanks for rely,
Our teams are doing estimation on only office and see how it compitable with office suite, during our testing and found that once a word document configured gridline and it was opened on browser the layout is different with word and not friendly in some cases for clients,

  1. do we have a schedule on when only office support gridline.
  2. another question here during ourt testing, a editor.bin will transfered to browser ,are there some ways we could decrypt the .bin file and see plain text?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a release schedule for specific features. However, if you are interested in expediting development, you can write to to discuss available options.

I’d also like to mention the option of getting Dedicated Support if you need professional assistance with the product.

In theory, it is possible to decrypt it manually, but one would need to utilize all the written code to replicate it.
It’s not entirely clear why you need to decrypt the editor.bin file…

Sure, the reason is that if a word file has been configured with gridline when it was opened in web browser, the layout will be changed and it’s different from office word, we would like to try to do somecode change in the open source code and see if the problem can be fixed.

Unfortunately, personally, I won’t be able to assist you with a detailed description of how the conversion of the editor.bin file works…

However, I believe our support team could assist you with this (link above).
I would recommend waiting for our implementation of w:docGrid as we are aware of this suggestion.

Thank you for rely,
as it is a little bit urget on our side, we might try to contract support team. Thanks again.

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