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Questions about Github Forms source code

I am running the source code on Github without the Forms feature, but running the docker version 7.2 with the Forms feature, is the source code on Github without all the features about Forms?

Hello @cmdfas,
Forms should be available in Community Edition Document Server (open-source solution). Please specify how exactly you build the application from the source code. Do you use our official guide?

Thank you for your answer. @Carl

I found that it was the lack of forms menu due to different sdkjs/word/sdk-all-min.js, and the onlyoffice js file in the docker run was a bit more than the code I built locally.

The way I build locally:

cd sdkjs/build && grunt

Local build running no Forms (
The docker way runs without problems.

Why is the sdkjs/word/sdk-all-min.js in docker different from the local build?

Hello @cmdfas,
Please use our build_tools to build the Document Server from sources and let me know if the issue persists this way.