Question : why images are absent after copy/pasting slides from one pptx to another?

Hi all
When I paste some slides with images from one pptx (on my hard drive) to another (ditto), here is what I get:

Thanks !

Hello @arcqus

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue with given description.
Is it possible to create a test presentation to share with us and provide a step-by-step scenario on how to reproduce the issue?

Hello @Constantine

Digging some old stuffs here :slight_smile:
How to reproduce :

  • have a pptx doc
  • copy a slide with text & pictures
  • close the file
  • go to /open another pptx file
  • paste

Expected result : the copied slide should contain the text and pictures
Actual result : the copied slide contains only the text.

I tested it in LO, it is working.

Thanks for analysing this.

Reading other old threads, I assume that this is related to this

I can confirm that it is the same issue as in mentioned thread. Since it was already registered based on your query, please await updates in mentioned thread.

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