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Question about Onlyoffice CRM API and compatibility with

Hi everybody,
I would like to self host Onlyoffice CRM enterprise version. It is possible to extend / write custom features (e.g. automatically generating invoices and send them to an email). Does Onlyoffice CRM have API?

I would also like to use self hosted marketing automation software to manage email marketing. Can Onlyoffice CRM and share the same users in database without conflicts?

Thank you very much for your help
Kind regards

ONLYOFFICE Workspace API is described here:

Here you can find the list of methods for interacting with the CRM:

As for common user database, I don’t think it’s possible.

Thank you very much Carl! API set is rich but I don’t see product and / or inventory objects so I don’t think it suits e-commerce needs. Am I wrong?

Kind regards

Full description of CRM module functionality can be found in our helpcenter: