QR-Code / Matrix Code generator pug-in

I would very much like a plug-in that converts a link (document saved in the document server) into a QR or matrix code and brings it into a document. At the moment I’m manually making this link in the document in the footer. Very practical, if I scan a printed document with my smartphone, Brauser immediately edits it.
Desirable. Maybe someone has a solution?

Hello @Prof_h_c_K_Krause
We need some time to discuss your idea internally. I will update this post when we have something to share.

Dear @Prof_h_c_K_Krause
We have discussed your idea with teammates. Unfortunately, we don’t have resources to run this project at the moment.
But in general, we like your idea and we will try to assist you if you are trying to create such a plugin (or probably provide us with something similar).
Useful link: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Overview

I know this is not the answer that you would like to hear from us. I have to say sorry one more time. We are focused on other tasks at the moment.

Dear Alexandre
Thank you very much for your feedback. I didn’t think that your team would work on this topic right away, but I thought of a possible reaction from the Onlyoffice user. If this topic is interesting, you can possibly find a solution. I am also trying to develop a plugin myself. Kind regards from Switzerland. Konstantin

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