Publishing on F-Droid


I did not find anything about this cool office solution on
F-Droid is an alternative to Google Play Store which features open-source apps. As I see, you do publish your code as open-source versions. Is there a way you could publish this on F-Droid, too?
F-Droid also has a community forum which could be involved for that task.
Please consider having a look:
Best Regards,
Nicco Kunzmann

Hello @niccokunzmann
We are thinking about it and we are in the process of internal discussion. Unfortunately, I cannot add anything else and cannot provide you with guarantee of our apps release on F-droid at the moment.

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Yes, that is fine. I just wanted to ask so that there is something to find about that in your community forum. Thanks!

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Any further news on this? Are the mobile apps FULLY open-source?

Hello @Short-Stay
We are still working on it. Unfortunately, there’re no news at the moment.