Proctected Ranges Permissions By User Group

I am evaluating OnlyOffice Spreadsheets for a potential customer application. They need a Live Spreadsheet document for multiple users in an Intranet Only environment.

Their document would have 10 text block information types ( Weather,Equipment, Traffic, Roads, etc ) which only certain users for each type could enter could enter in data.

Protected Ranges function in Spreadsheets seems to almost fit the bill but the permissions are by User only. I wonder if there is any plan to allow permissions by User Group ? For example, Only Users in the Weather User Group could edit Weather Information. Trying to manage the permissions by Users only would soon become a headache with 50+ people.

I would be interested in hearing anyone’s thoughts on how to achieve this fuctionality


Hi @TimG :wave:

Unfortunately, at the moment, it is only possible to specify individual users. Support for specifying groups has not been implemented yet. There is no timeline for when this feature might be available.

Protecting ranges

Config - ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation

Methods - ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation

You can also contact our sales department ( to discuss potential solutions for implementing this feature.

Thanks for the reply