Problems with saving data - how to prevent data loss?

Nextcloud Storage Share: 27.1.5
OS: Win 10
Only Office: 8.2.4
Community Doc Server: 0.1.13
Browser: Firefox 122.0 (64-bit)
OO installation type: no clue, app was regularly installed in NC


I need help with a bug. Sorry to open another topic, sorry if this is the wrong forum, but everything I find here or online to this problem doesnt solve my situation or I am too much of a non-programmer to understand.

Problem description:
The issue is concerning OO and/or the collaborative work on docs in Nextcloud with OO.
After working on several docs in OO (tabs are always open), data was not saved. We lost a lot of work due to NC or OO not saving the changes / overwriting with the very first version of the doc. (and no, the backup from the host didnt help)

Expected behaviour: save all data without any problems
Actual beahviour: data loss

Sorry, if I am not able to provide more info, I don’t know how to reproduce it.

Apparently this problem is known for a long time, but I don’t find a safe solution for this (as discussed here or here)

  • is closing the tab in which was edited a reliable workaround?
  • does saving manually per clicking on the floppy disk help anything?
  • i have enabled the force safe-function - is this enough?

How can we make sure, that edits are saved?

I am no webmaster and no “computer person”, so it would be great if you could explain, how I can make sure this bug can be fixed.

Generally I would like to add, that we were very happy with having found NC with the OO integration, so we gladly left google. But this major problem sabotages the whole functionality of collaborative work and questions the overall usability of OO / NC and we fear we have to go back to G. How can this be?

Your help and overall work is very much appreciated!

Hope you have a nice day

Hello @MartinK

If I understand correctly, you are referring to Community Document Server app from Nextcloud, is that correct?

If so, please note that Community Document Server app in Nextcloud was developed by Nextcloud team and we cannot provide any assistance for it. Similar issue was discussed here:

For more information you can refer to this topic:

thanks for your reply.
I am referring to open office, though that might be connected to the community ducument server, but for me as a user it seems to be an OO issue. Nonetheless I will post the question to the nextcloud forum. From what I read online I fear there is no solution though and the situation seems to be ignored or the responsibilty is pushed to the other party by nextcloud and only office. Maybe just admit that there is no solution since 4 years? If this prooves to be the case I will be deeply disappointed.

For you see, Community Document Server app is developed by Nextcloud team and is maintained by them. It may appear as a complete copy of ONLYOFFICE Docs but in integrity this is completely separate app. There are certain limitations in Nextcloud’s app and some of them are already described in the topic I’ve mentioned.

That said, we cannot provide any guarantees of stable work of this app, because we did not create this version of the app. If you are going to use Document server with Nextcloud, I would recommend to take a look at official guides and follow them:

I hope it brings more clarity on the situation.