Problems with markup in Onlyoffice

Hi team.
We have a problem with onlyoffice that integrates with our netxtcloud. When our employees want to use share access, they open files and work in them.
But there is such a problem with markup, when the worker open the file, for example docs, and then scroll it down, the head page of this documet change.
It looks like this on my screen.

Our divices:
Huawei MatePad DBR-W09 Version 3.1.0
Nextcloud Version 28.0.3
Onlyoffice Documents Version

Maybe someone has encountered something similar or can give some recommendations on how to fix this…

Hello @Vurtne
Please clarify the connector app version, and show us your settings from the connector page as well.
One more thing. If it’s possible, please record a video file, while you’re reproducing the test.