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Problems in presenting files on Presention


Hello OnlyOffice teams, I’m Antonio, I’m from Angola :angola: (we speak portuguese), I used your software on Windows 10 and Linux Mint. Everything is ok except de Presention app (PowerPoint).

I have two monitor/screen (the secondary is in extended mode), when I go to present a file, it doesn’t show on secondary screen. Just in the primary screen.

But when I open the file in Microsoft Office PowerPoint and LibreOffice Software it shows. Please, help me to solve this.


Olá equipa do Only Office, eu sou o António, sou de Angola :angola:, eu uso o vosso software no Windows 10 e Linux Mint. Está tudo bem, excepto o aplicativo Apresentação (PowerPoint).

Eu tenho dois monitores/tela (a segunda uso no modo extendido), quando tento apresentar um arquivo, ele não mostra no ecrã secundário. Somente no ecrã primário.

Mas quando abro o arquivo no software Microsoft Office PowerPoint e LibreOffice ele apresenta.

Por favor, poderiam me ajudar a resolver?

In Your case try using “Show Presenter View” Feature:


On Two screens looks like that:

Hope it helps. If You have so other questions feel free to ask :grinning:

Thank you for help, I’m gonna try it later.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work to :cry:

That’s sad :pensive:. On my Windows 10 machine it works (two monitors also extended mode). I hope that someone frome OnlyOfice Team will help You :slight_smile:

Hello @kamusumbe

Please specify version of Desktop Editors that you are currently using.
You can find it in About tab on the main screen.